Amee Shah: Why I'm running for Chatham Township Committee

Dear fellow Chatham Township neighbors,

My name is Amee Shah and I am running for Chatham Township Committee because I am concerned about the current state of our Township, and I am committed to ensuring its successful future.

I believe that many of the difficulties we are currently facing are a direct result of poor planning, fiscal irresponsibility, grave mistakes in negotiating settlements and “kick the can down the road” attitudes by prior Township Committees.

As a result, we are now at a critical juncture in our Township’s history. We have an outdated Master Plan, dated infrastructure, dried-up revenue streams, and we are now facing the very real threat of overdevelopment in our Township. With the potential upcoming sale of Noe Pond, and possible interference by a private developer, it is now more critical than ever to elect Committee Members who will:

  1. Lead with the residents’ concerns first;

  2. Fight against greedy special interests and outside forces seeking to affect our Township’s zoning and future; and

  3. Understand the dangers of non-compliance with our state mandated affordable housing agreement.

Non-compliance with our affordable housing obligation will result in the loss of our builder’s remedy immunity and the loss of zoning control in our Township. The results could be catastrophic and result in thousands of units being built without any real means of controlling the development or location.

As an in-house attorney, I am constantly evaluating risk from a business and legal perspective, while at the same time ensuring there is growth. My career has been a daily training ground for facing adversity with respect and professionalism, and negotiating for the best possible outcome in any circumstance. I will use these skills and proven successes, along with my strategic thinking and fiscally conservative mindset, on behalf of the Township.

Like many of you, my family and I set down our roots in Chatham Township because we were drawn to its beautiful landscape, family-friendly atmosphere and top-rated schools. I love the small-town feel of our Township and want to ensure that the history and character of our Township, along with its growth and prosperity, is secured for us and future generations. I am committed to making proactive and positive change in the Township in a respectful and bipartisan manner. Above all else, we are neighbors and want the same bright future for our Township regardless of personal politics or political affiliations.

I hope you will secure the future of Chatham Township and vote Amee Shah and Phil Ankel for Chatham Township Committee. Phil Ankel and I will put resident’s concerns first and will provide fresh eyes on the future of Chatham Township.

Thank you for your support!

Amee Shah

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